Before installing PV on your property the following is recommended:

1. Undertake all energy efficiency measures in the property. This will decrease the amount of electricity that is consumed in the property and as a result the size of a PV installation that is needed to power the entire property.

The main measures are: replace electric geyser to Solar Water heater, Switch to a gas stove, lighting should be retrofitted to CFL or LED.

2. A baseline assessment should be undertaken to ensure that the system is designed according to requirements and not under or over specified.

3. Ensure that your PV installation is legalised by getting the necessary building and electrical approvals from the Municipality.

4. If you live close to the coast, ensure that the material that is used to mount the PV panels will last as long as the panel. This is due to corrosion of metal.

5. Ensure that your PV installation is adequately secured and protected against theft.

6. Undertaking scheduled maintenance will increase the life span and performance of your system.

7. Ensure that the panels are cleaned (by a suitably qualified person) to ensure it is in optimal condition.

8. Always contract a reputable and registered company and/or person to install your system.

9. Keep abreast of municipal electricity tariffs.

10. Do not overload circuit that are feed via PV, this will cause the circuit to trip.

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