There are two phases to the implementation of the Shisa Photovoltaic (PV) Programme:

The first phase from June 2016 until December 2016 will focus on awareness raising and educational aspects of PV. Our core objectives during this period are to:

Ensure that residents clearly understand:
i. What is PV?;
ii. What does it do?;
iii. What are the various types of technologies and systems;
iv. What are the financial implications; and
v. What are the important considerations when installing PV?

In addition, during this first phase the eThekwini Municipality will be leading by example and installing approximately 500kWp of PV on municipal owned facilities. This will serve to demonstrate that it is feasible and technically possible for PV to work within the eThekwini Municipal Area. It also serves to test the policies and regulations that have been put into place for PV.

shisa solar pv programme


The second phase of the PV programme is envisaged to be similar to the Shisa Solar Water (SWHs) Heating programme for high pressure SWHs. The second phase is envisaged to be launched in early 2017. The Shisa PV Programme will then entail a registered panel of reputable service providers or installers that residents can access. In addition, there will be a simple registration tool for residents to utilise to join the programme.

The sequence of steps for the programme is :

1. Residents register on the Shisa PV Programme;

2. The residents details are then stored on the database and sent automatically to the registered panel of service providers/installers;

3. Installers will then contact the registered resident to advise on the most appropriate PV system and provide a free quotation;

4. There will likely be a ‘Shisa PV Discount’ made available by the Installer, in addition to any other incentives;

5. Residents will then decide whether to install or not, based on the various options and quotations from the installers.

It is important to note that once residents details are forwarded to installer, all further interaction and transactions will be between the resident and installer. The Municipality will only intervene again in cases of dispute and for assessment of the programme and installers.