The following requirements for a SSEG installation are further applicable:

  • For all installations of any given size, a Residual Current Device Detector in line with IEC shall be installed on the circuit connecting the PV array. It shall be located between the inverter and the customer’s installation.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring that the installation complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) or relevant safety legislation. The applicant shall also forward the details of the appointee or certificate of compliance, duly completed and signed by the ECSA registered electrical engineer / technician, to eThekwini Municipality.
  • The upstream protection devices shall be coordinated with the protection installation of your installation. The details hereof shall be made available to you for co-ordination purposes. The applicant will provide overcurrent and earth fault protection that is capable of isolating the applicant’s network from eThekwini Municipality’s supply in the event of a fault on your network.
  • All equipment from the electrical grid up to the point of metering (also referred to as point of connection) shall be provided, installed, operated and maintained by eThekwini Municipality.
  • The applicant will, at their own expense, provide, erect, connect, operate and maintain all circuits required to connect their electrical installation to the point(s) of connection and equipment necessary for controlling such circuits. This will be undertaken to the reasonable satisfaction of eThekwini Municipality.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for all costs including, installation, maintenance and operation of their own SSEG plant.
  • ​Prior to commissioning the plant, the engineer shall perform test(s) as per eThekwini Municipality’s commissioning report and thereafter, furnish eThekwini Municipality with the signed commissioning form indicating the results of the test(s) performed before the equipment may be permanently connected. EThekwini may request for such tests to be performed in the presence of an authorized municipal official.