The aim of this webpage is to provide you with information regarding the connection of your embedded generator to the Municipal grid. The guidelines/processes as defined here have been drafted to ensure that your connection to the grid remains safe under normal and abnormal network conditions.

Under no circumstance should you connect your generator to the grid without gaining written approval from the Municipality. Anyone intending to install a residential small scale embedded generation (SSEG) system shall follow the application process, prior to installation. It is mandatory for customers with embedded generation systems already installed to follow the same process and register / regularise their installations with this process.

The connection shall be in compliance with all, but not limited to, the standards and conditions outlined here. This covers the residential embedded generator installations (<13.8 kVA) under the purview of the NERSA Small Scale Embedded Generator (SSEG) guidelines. All applications should have a valid electricity connection and an account in good standing with eThekwini Municipality.

EThekwini Municipality fully supports embedded generation and would like to encourage such installations within the applicable regulations that govern generation within the country.


Embedded generation is a new concept to the city and we want to ensure that all connections are safe and technically correct. Reverse power flow can be dangerous if not properly identified and managed. As a result, we have designed an application process so that we can engage and exchange the relevant information pertaining to the connection of your generation system to the grid. The application process has been designed to be simple, yet comprehensive. It is primarily administered via electronic documents for your convenience.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)​
has approved an interim tariff structure to allow for limited credits to be given in such instances where power is exported onto the grid. This has created a mechanism to promote small scale embedded generation at a local level.

EThekwini Municipality is expecting a national framework to be finalised in the near future. The principles of which will override the current framework. The current processes and remuneration mechanism will be aligned accordingly where necessary.