The eThekwini Municipality launched the Shisa Solar Programme in 2010. At the time the programme focused solely on providing residents with educational material on Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) and access to a reputable panel of SWH installers.

During a survey of residents that participated in the Shisa Solar Programme, it emerged that residents wanted an expanded technology offering on the Shisa Programme platform.

Shisa Solar photovoltaic prgramme about us

As a result of the survey and Durban Climate Change Strategy (discussed below) the Shisa Programme is being expanded to include the Shisa PV Programme which will provide educational material on Photovoltaic (PV) systems and thereafter (in early 2017) access to a panel of reputable PV installers.

The eThekwini Municipality developed the Durban Climate Change Strategy (DCCS), which was adopted by the eThekwini Municipal Council in 2015.

The Section of the DCCS that is applicable to the Shisa PV Programme is as follows:

Goal F: Durban has a thriving sustainable energy sector. Where appropriate, renewable energy supplies a significant proportion of Durban’s energy needs, and energy is used efficiently by all sectors. All sectors have access to safe and affordable energy sources.

- O
bjective F.1.: 40% of Durban’s electricity consumption is supplied from renewable energy by 2030 in line with the national long term mitigation targets.

Response F 1.2.: Implement viable small-scale renewable energy generation such as micro-hydropower, rooftop Solar Photovoltaic and anaerobic digesters.